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The Benefits to a Personal Clearing

Clear negative energies or entities that could be present. 


Place blessings and add Shields of Light if needed.


Shields of Light- vibrates very high allowing positive energy to enter and blocks negative energy.


Mind, body, and spirit will be in better balance. 


You may feel lighter and clearer.





Clearing the Negativity in your Life. 


Negativity can be carried with us through many lifetimes. This negativity can effect some of the choices that we make, and even what we attract into our lives. Identifying and clearing this energy is important helping to change past karma. I access the akashic records to help determine what needs to be cleared from your life. Also at the same time putting protection around you. 



For the Soul Clearing Session ~


  • 1st contact will be on the phone and I will get some basic information.

  • The Soul Clearing is done before we meet or speak again.

  • When we have contact again I will let you know my findings.   



Session is about 45 Minutes


Offering~ $100 or if add to the Soul Portrait $50

Call or text for a appointment 650-303-9250


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