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soul portrait

Soul Family and it's heritage will be revealed in a Soul Portrait.


Have you ever wondered?

​Do you have spirit guides or angels surrounding you?

Where does your immortal soul come from?

Does your soul have a family?

What part do I play here on this planet?


* Experience a scared reunion with your soul and the positive, profound,      and joyful knowing of your true essence and gifts. Open your heart to your  deepest nature and purpose.

* Understanding your Soul's heritage will help you to~

​* Discover the part you play in the Blueprint of the earth.

​* Learn what spirit guides you have chosen.

* Understand the true essence of your core believes​.

​* We are here to bring love, light, joy, and healing to our earth.


​I will  access the Akashic  records to determine your Soul family and Archangelic Realm of training, your Life Service and Life Task Colors.


email to schedule and inital phone call


~During a Soul Portrait Session~


  • 1st contact will be on the phone and I will get some basic information.

  • The Soul Portrait is done before we meet or speak again.

  • When we have contact again I will let you know my findings.   


Session is about 1 hour

  Offering~ $100

Call or text for appointment 650-303-9250

 Add the Soul Clearing for an additional $50

                 Contact Now

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