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tarot readings

Thirteen Card ReadingI

This is a 12 card house Astrological House & 1 overview card- 1st Quadrant: How are you in relationship to self (Below the Horizon) 2nd Quadrant: How I am with others- outwardly (Unconscious Mind/Internal World) 3rd Quadrant: How I relate to Others (Manifest/External World) 4th Quadrant: Myself in Relationship to Service (Above the Horizon) Overview Card: What will be received or What is coming to Heal.

* One Hour Session

* Written Evaluation

  Offering~ $100

Call or text for appointment 650-303-9250


Three Card Reading

This is a great quick check-in or if you have a specific question that you need answer to this is the perfect reading. 20 minute session

* Written Evaluation

  Offering ~ $45


Relationship Reading

This is a 8 card spread / 45 minute session. This will give you an idea of relationship.

* Written Evaluation

  Offering ~ $95


Call or text for an appointment 



Offering Tarot Parties

 ~ 7 person minimum ~

This is a 3 card reading for each person plus a 4th card (approximately 15) If you host a party you will receive a free 13 card reading.

Offering~ $45 per person

Call or text for appointment


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