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During a Hand Analysis Session~


  • Both hands will be printed

  • Read and identify your fingerprints for life purpose, life lesson, and what else you came to learn about this lifetime.

  • Read and identify the palms of your hands for gift marks, heart line, head lines, and    other clues to your journey.

  • One hour session for full reading.

                      Offering~ $125                                 Please call or text for an appointment 650-303-9250


Offering a Soul Print Party

(7 person min.)

This is a mini hand reading for each person.

  • Approximately 10-12 minutes

  • If you host you will receive a full 1 Hour Hand Analysis see above.

      Offering~ $40 per person


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When you master the Soul's choices your life will unfold with greater ease.



hand analysis




Clue's for all of this and more are revealed in your hands. The soul has an agenda in this lifetime which is imprinted in your hands and fingerprints which are formed at 5 months in the womb, prior to birth.


Do you want to know

Your life purpose

Your lessons for this lifetime

How to improve relationships

What have you come here to learn

Your special gifts and talents

Understanding your soul's intentions will help you

Clarify your Life Purpose for this lifetime.

Own and develop your special gifts and talents.

"Evolve" from the lessons you have come to learn.​​





Your finger prints and hands is your contract that your soul choosen for you, this lifetime.

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