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      Creating Sacred Space 



Being clairsentience and empathic helps me to feel the energy in my surroundings. Which in turn guides me to help create a sacred space for you in your home.


  • Do you feel stuck or low energy in your home?

  • Does your home need to be cleared of negative energy or entities?

  • Would you like to have sacred space in your home?

  • Do you want to create peace, balance, and a sense of well being in your home?


Part 1- I will remotely open the Akashic records on the home and property clearing anything that doesn't align with love, light and truth. Anything that is low vibrating will be gone, energies or entities.

Part 2- I will be at the property using sage to clear each and every room adding in protection with shields of light, crystals, salt and a Merkabah to the home as needed

Part 3- The final step is to add a blessing to the home and all the people that enter. This will bring a sense of peace and harmony to the home.


Please call to set up an appointment and for pricing. 650-303-9250


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