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With your Numerology reading you will receive~


  • Your Destiny Number

  • Motivation Number

  • Inner-Self Number

  • Expression Number

  • Karmic Lessons

  • Subconscious Response

  • Hidden Tendencies    

You will receive this in writing 

 Offering~ $80


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numerology chart




We each have our own personal vibration determined by numbers. 


Have you ever wondered what influences your life?

What opportunities you maybe missing?

What obstacles do you face~ Karmic Lessons and Hidden Tendencies?

​Maybe you are just fascinated with numbers and what they mean? ​

Your Soul picks the day you are born and even your name. This is what determined's your personal vibration numbers helping you to understand what drives you. 


Numbers in your name will reveal~ 

* Your personality, and inner self

* What makes you tick, and how others see you​

* Numbers in your birth date will describe~

* The environment that you will find yourself in

* The opportunities you will have

* An understanding of the obstacles you may face



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