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Grief, Addiction & Relationships

Only Light (Poem)

At the edge of our world there is a black void of hatred, anxiety, and despair seeping into all that are asleep.

What lurks in this blackness brings anger, fear, and hopelessness into our world.

This is no way to walk through our lives asleep and blind to what is within us all.

Awaken yourself with courage and search the depths of your soul to see what awaits.

An illuminating light is buried deep within, this is the hope of love, joy, and peace that fills your heart.

Carry this radiant light with you into the world for all to see.

Touch all around you with your light until the black void fades into nothingness.

Now only Divine light is present within us all, changing our world forever.

~ Shelley Moore 12/10/2013

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