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The Moon Card

The Moon Card

Why is it so hard just to be yourself, your authentic self and not be afraid to show it?

Speaking my truth and being authentic with myself and others is some of the work here. Loving and accepting myself for all that I am, is more of this work. Until I can do this in all parts of my life there is work to be done and I'm so very grateful to be able to do this work.

I know that these battles are within me and that there is some old believe system that needs to go away and never return. Feeling different all of my life not in a superior way but in a small way. Never feeling good enough or valuing myself has been a lifelong struggle. I know that this is common for many people. I've told myself many stories over the years and have believed them to be true. But it was just that, stories from past believes that are not the truth today. I've also been told many stories by others and bought into them also, again not the truth just a tale a web that has been spun holding me hostage in my shadows for so long.

The human condition is very interesting to me. We come in as these bright and shining souls so we can forget who we are by what we are submitted to as children. Then when we are older we have completely forgotten this, so that we can have a wake-up call to become those bright and shiny souls again or even sometimes not to remember, which is sad. "This seems to be a different story for the youth now in this time, they have a strong sense of themselves is my observation. Hope they keep remembering who they are, I remind my grandchildren all the time:)"

We are meant to live from a place of love and joy. Not be in fear and doubt of who we are or to be hiding in the shadows afraid to show ourselves. Being stuck in the shadows of what we belief; stops us from the true potential of who we really are.

Love and Light, Shelley

May 25, 2018

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