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Hope with a New Start to 2022

A fresh start can happen at any given moment that we choose. The first day of the new calendar year feels a bit bigger. This is probably because a whole year is behind us and we want something new. This is a time to set intentions for the coming year, feeling hopeful for something new.

When we set a vision for the year to come all things are possible. If we don’t, then nothing really happens with purpose, we are just reacting to what happens to us day to day. Being a conscious human is so needed these days.

I’m not talking about a resolution and looking for instant results that are impossible. In manifesting, the less detail the better, and it can happen quickly or unfold slowly. Don’t put too many ideas of how it should go and what you should do. This is where we get stuck, thinking we have all the answers. The true answers are not always what we think.

First take this opportunity to look back at 2021. Be filled with gratitude and compassion for the journey that has brought you to this moment. You are still here to face another day and draw another breath. Stepping into 2022 fill yourself with hope, love, peace and grace and to be open to receive. Now you are ready when you are filled with light to manifest a new vision.

Maybe it’s as simple as taking better care of yourself, around your mind or thoughts, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. Healing these parts of ourselves is always worth the effort and time it takes to recover from the damage that has happened in our lives. This is a good example of something to manifest for your overall self.

Just ask for it and put it on paper, light a candle and envision yourself on a healing journey this year being mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically balanced and strong. Let go of exactly how this should look and only how wonderful it will feel to be balanced and strong. Then let it unfold and trust that there will be a shift. It may be big or small, whatever it is, it has begun.

The last piece to this is to have gratitude everyday and night for all that is, especially for the challenges because this is where we find our strength and victories in life.

Love and Light, Shelley


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