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Grief, Addiction & Relationships

Good or Bad? Does the Universe Really Care?

What if there really isn't good or bad, maybe it's just our perception or judgement that makes it so. In nature and in life, my believe is that things are just so. The Universe is completely ambivalent and has no judgments on this matter. Maybe just maybe we are here to learn specific lessons this lifetime and what happens just helps us on that journey.

Either we are awake or asleep in this lifetime. I choice to be a conscious human being this time around. Not to say that I don't fall into the trap of being asleep sometimes because of course I do. There is no way possible to be a perfect human I don't care who you are. My personal traps have been many. Additions are a big trap, whether it is drugs, alcoholic, food, relationships, video games, or whatever your poison is; there are many. Angeles Arrien had said the four true additions are Perfectionism, The Need to Know or Understand, Stuck and Fixated on the Negative, and Intensity or Drama. Everything that we do is just a side effect of these addictions. I do believe this to be true. All of this is a way to preoccupy ourselves and keep us asleep.

What does it mean to be awake and conscious in our life, when looking at the good and bad statement? For me not making judgments on anything or anyone including myself. Many times in my life things that have happened I believed to be terrible and tragic, then later on seeing the blessings in that same situation. This is what it means to be conscious, seeing the blessings that can come out of life, either way it goes. It is easy to be grateful for all that is good, but what about being grateful for what we see as bad also? Being grateful to the people in your life that have brought you joy but also that cause you pain. Seeing the lessons in our life and being aware of our judgments is a step in the right direction.

The idea that the Universe is just ambivalent and not cruel feels better to me. There is no discrimination when it comes nature, if there was children wouldn't die and people wouldn't suffer so much. Bad things wouldn't happen to good people and good things wouldn't happen to bad people. Bottom line is that just maybe it's simply that we came here to this place experiencing all that life has to offer. Maybe we are awake this time and maybe we aren't. Maybe we learn our lessons and maybe we don't.

We all are here to walk a path this lifetime, it is ours alone to walk. There are those that walk with us, some for many years and some for only minutes. The Universe supports us in this journey and puts people, places and things in our life's never Good or Bad, just so. We receive what we need and not always what we want. We never see the big picture of our life because then it wouldn't be a mystery, would it? Our vantage point is very small from our human experience verses what our Soul or the Universe sees. Relax and enjoy the ride because remember, "Life is But a Dream"


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