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So many people are either in fear or anger right now with what has happened in our country.

Inner Peace Is The Way To Happiness

Don't sleep away good lives as hostages of fear. Calm your troubled spirit, remember that fear can carry with it a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you are feeling fear, this is your call to be courageous, not to be paralyzed in unhealthy thoughts.

When you act out of fear this is coming from a place of low vibration. This is a place of anxiety, punitive (a sense of being punished) which is being a victim. Reach for the higher vibration a place of Courage to take back your power. Not letting outside issues disrupted your inner peace. Nothing or no one should be able to take this away from you.

Anger is usually a mask for hurt or sense of not being heard. It is a cry for change, but should never come from a place of harming others. Making others pay for your anger, being vengeful or destructive, this behavior is uncalled for on so many levels.

When you act out in anger this is also from a place of low vibration. It is a bit higher than fear but still from hate and aggression. Reach for a higher way of being. Again as I said in the above paragraph. Not letting outside issues disrupted your inner peace. Nothing or no one should be able to take this away from you.

Funny; when I look at this whole situation of the presidential race I felt that the Democrats were in fear and the Republicans were in anger. No wonder they won. Anger even though a very low vibration is still higher than fear.

One side wanted change in our country and were angry, blaming the democrats for their problems. That card was played big time, addressing this and making promises for change.

The other side was terrified that we would end up with such an obviously under qualified choice for a president. They really underestimated how angry these people were and ready to follow anyone that would acknowledge them. We fulfilled our prophecy!

When we act out of fear or anger there is not clear thinking on our part. This is the Chaos that we are experiencing right now. We all need to reach for the higher vibration of PEACE within. No one truly knows what tomorrow will bring, so don't borrow trouble. Reach for the positive not the negative.

Honestly I have not turned on the news one time and mostly stayed off of social media. I know that my soul is in a better place for it because, I choice my inner peace over fear or anger. Not being in denial of what has happened but not being sucked away into the chaos of others. Being the light that shines brightly and sticking to my course of action.

We have to be the change to see change in our world and the people in it. Peace is what we all need to reach for, starting with peace within us.

The three S-words from Sanskirt describe the ideal life of any spiritual person- Seva: Your actions harm no one and benefit everyone. Simran: You remember your true nature and your purpose for being here. Satsang: You belong in the community of peace and wisdom.

Peace Is The Way (Deepak Chopra) A great read for the time we are in right now.

Love and Light Always, Shelley Moore

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