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Beloved (Poem)

My Dear Beloved; My soul chose your soul and your soul chose mine.

Home was; The beat of your heart and the rhythm of your breath.

Your body was; The vessel for my soul to travel back into this world.

No separation between us; Your blood is my blood and my blood is yours.

With deep knowing; You are my first love, and my world, seeing your sparkling eyes gaze back at me.

Much is shared together; Dancing so many dances in our lives, joy and sorrow, love and anger, courage and fear.

At the end; Before you slip away, the sweetest dance of them all, pure unconditional love and forgiveness.

Bearing witness; As you transitioned from your physical being into the freedom of your soul, there is such beauty, that you have completely let go.

Never saying good-bye; We'll dance again and again at the brightest of stars, go to the North my Dear Beloved.

Our separation is only an illusion; My soul chose your soul and your soul chose mine.

Shelley Moore 3/7/2014 (For MOM)

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