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Moving Through Time (Poem)

Slipping in and out of time; past, present, and future.

My soul dances to many songs and is surrounded by light.

Being and seeing all of what I am and will be.

Racing across the plains and mountains on my scared white horse.

We melt together as one, our hearts, breath, and body's movement is swift like the winds and fluid like the rivers.

Warming myself at a fire and sitting with my ancestors in the crystal circle of knowing.

The crackling of the wood releases sparks into the ethers, reminding me of what burns deep within; my passionate heart.

The ancestors bare witness; as my heart breaks open, freeing my love and wisdom.

Gazing at the night's sky filled with the brilliance of a million stars, and the moon is at her fullest; filled with her knowledge and magic.

The night moves like a kaleidoscope of black and white.

Breathing in; all of the infinity that is.

Laying quietly in the sun with the warmth on my body.

Watching the clouds like white shape-shifters against the bright blue backdrop.

The great presence of Father Sky is with me and always gracing me.

Feeling the dirt beneath me and connecting with Mother Earth.

She holds all life in her nurturing container; with a sense of knowing how fragile our balance is right now.

We must honor the gifts that are bestowed upon us from our great mother and father.

Seeing the light of my soul and standing in the center of all that is; sky, earth, fire, water, wind, and spirit.

There is a deep knowing; I am everything and I am nothing.

~ Shelley Moore 12/13/14

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